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Where Denmark is represented by another Schengen country

In a number of countries where Denmark has no diplomatic mission, which are authorised to issue Schengen visas, Denmark has entered into an agreement with another Schengen country, which implies that application for visa can be handed in there.

As a rule the agreements only cover applications for Schengen-visa (short stay visas). Applications will be processed in accordance to the rules and procedures of the country representing Denmark. Some Norwegian missions also receive applications for residence- and/or work permits.

Please consult the list “where to apply” for an exhaustive overview of places where you can lodge an application.

The representation agreements are to be viewed as an offer to visa applicants in countries where Denmark has no missions authorized to issue Schengen visas.  However, applicants are always welcome to lodge their application at any visa issuing Danish mission, which can process the application according to Danish procedures, legislation etc., including complaint instructions. Refusal from another Schengen country does not automatically lead to a refusal by the Danish authorities.